Women Offered Bribes to Have Pap Tests: Guest Post

Amazing post on insurance company efforts to make women get unnecessary pelvic exams, in this case Pap smears.


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 7 25 24 PMThis is a guest post written by a valued contributor to this blog, who wishes to remain anonymous:

I have this health plan. My doctor was very nice when I told her that I did not want a Pap or pelvic exam, and she hasn’t hassled me about it. The health care plan, on the other hand, seems perturbed that I haven’t toed the line and agreed to have a Pap. A few weeks ago I received this “invitation” in the mail. It offers a bribe of a $50 Target gift card if I go for a Pap before the end of 2014.

I think it is VERY important to note, at this point, that TARGET HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. They are NOT sponsoring this, donating the gift cards or participating in this ruse in any direct way. The bribe just happens to be a gift card from…

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