Cancer math

Apropos of my post today on BRCAnomics, Sadie details her own experiences with “cancer math.”

Angry Cancer Bitches

So, I woke up this morning to find out that I was being sued by the local hospital–the hospital where I had my port removal and colonoscopy yesterday–for the grand total of (drum roll)…$360! I’m sure that they’ve paid more in attorney fees and filing costs than $360, so it makes no economic sense to sue. I guess that means they’re trying to send me a message, then, right? But what’s that message? “Pay your bills!” “The hospital had to pay its nurses to help you, you should pay them!” “Don’t get cancer!”

I wish it was that simple.

Look, I know the hospital isn’t free. But I didn’t choose to have cancer. I didn’t choose to need life-saving surgery. At the time I was diagnosed I had employer-based health insurance for which I paid $1500 a month–yes, seriously, that’s what it cost for the three of us to have…

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